Allow users to switch between different theme/layouts/appearances


We tightly using tailwind for both of our front and back(cms). The reason is because tailwind is just a utilities not a pre-build classes like bootstrap so that developers can freely decide their design and style.

There is no theme picker or whatever you call it that usually has on cms like wordpress. All you need to do is just to create only ONE theme style for your project that located in resources/js folder. No bullsh*t, only typical vuejs app that contains pages and components that you can normally create.

Place to touch

  1. webpack.mix.js

  2. tailwind config

    1. tailwind-cms.config.js - back (cms) related tailwind config

    2. tailwind.config.js - front

  3. workspace

    1. resources/cms/js:css - back (cms)

    2. resources/js:css - front


Customize any base markup at resources/views

Developing a package?

// at service provider
public function boot()