Getting to know you superpowers

What is this power?

web-essentials is a combination of laravel and vuejs toolkit to help developer build awesome web application easily and quick. Secondly, my native language is in Bahasa and not English, if you find grammartical error in this doc, please ignore it for now until i get someone to proof read it for me😅🙇

Beautiful in every way with effortless development :D

Two package to rule them all!

There is two main core package that we use to make this happen,

  • v-essentials : vue-tailwind package that only cover all front end design/form/components.

  • laravel-essentials : laravel package to help backend development, its also contain few front-end helpers.

The motivation

I've been developing web application for 7 years now and i always keep repeating same thing over and over again, its really frustrating and boring and tedious. Also, every client, every project has different kind of requirement and not all cms fit for all project, soo, i think making toolkit to aid my development is more valuable than learn particular cms framework.

With web-essentials, developer can make their own cms easily and quick, we provide module that cms usually have such as notification, settings, roles, global search and more, in fact, all these module is easily customizable and follow laravel basic route->controller->view development cycle, no weird pattern, just typical route controller action.

I choose to based my technology on laravel and vuejs apart from any other framework is because laravel/vuejs is a future proof (based on my observation😁 ). Laravel has a solid community, code quality, performance, dev experience, and tons of high quality open source package/ecosystem such as nova, vapor (use when app getting bigger), envoyer (deployment) AND MORE.

Same goes for vuejs 😜